The Empowerment Network chose Jason Brown, one of our youngest members to highlight because we are so proud of him and his accomplishments...WAY TO GO Jason!

 Jason Brown is the owner of Rapid Reality’s Bronxwood Franchise. He previously distinguished himself as the Office Manager for Rapid’s powerhouse Lefferts Garden Franchise. There, he learned the finer points of running a real estate office before achieving the goal he set for himself when he started out in the business by opening an office of his own.

Born and raised in the Bronx, Jason became deeply familiar with the territory where he would one day open his own business. When he was a teenager, his mother encouraged him to read books about investing. Jason absorbed many important lessons from the stories and advice of numerous investors and entrepreneurs, and as he read, he noticed a pattern emerging: although each book suggested different techniques and strategies to achieve financial success, one thing on which they all agreed was on the importance of real estate as both a sound investment and a lucrative industry. Inspired by these readings, Jason knew the wanted to get involved with real estate somehow, but he wasn’t sure where to begin.

Within a few months, Jason became an expert showing agent. His commitment and thirst for knowledge impressed Lefferts Garden Owner/ Broker Kenyatta Nelson, who asked him to become the franchise’s Office Manager. Jason quickly excelled in this new role, mastering skills like listing and processing deals, among other responsibilities vital to running a successful office. He played a large part in helping Lefferts Gardens become one of Rapid’s most consistently strong performing offices.within a few months, 

Jason is an outstanding leader to the agents fortunate enough to work at Rapid Realty BronxwoodJason began making arrangements to open an office of his own on his home turf in the Bronx. Between his incredible work ethic and desire to learn new skills and his background as a educator, Jason is an outstanding leader to the agents fortunate enough to work at rapid Realty Bronxwood.

Jason can be reached at 646-413-7323
Family support: Aunt Ruthann, Cruise Specialist and mom Angela, ACN rep at T.E.N. meeting
CEO Anthony Lolli, Rapid Reality
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